closing speech

Dear people!

First of all, a big thank you for striking so powerfully and loudly with us today.
Even though every year the 8th of March brings pain, anger, fear and hopelessness for many of us about the many forms of patriarchal, racist, transphobic, queerphobic violence and all other forms of violence.
We live in a system in which our voices are systematically suppressed.

But 8 March is also a day when we might feel a little more seen and heard than usually.

On 8 March we remember,
that we are not alone in our feelings and experiences.
that we can find comfort and cohesion among ourselves
that we encourage each other to carry on
that we are many and will not be defeated or silenced.

Let us take this empowering sense of cohesion with us throughout the year, let us be loud and brave.
Let’s be loud and brave and fight together in solidarity for intersectional feminism.
8 March is all days!