Dear colleagues,
Dear participants from the demonstration to the 8th of march,

I’m sure you’re surprised that so many employees of the Eigenbetrieb Kita Halle welcome you here at the Leipziger Turm.
The reason for this is quite simple. Currently, collective negociations for employees in the social and educational services are in progress, i.e. for educators in daycare centers, social pedagogues in youth welfare offices, independent agencies, etc. – in short, for all those who take care of the well-being of children and their early childhood education and upbringing.
Currently, 90% of this work is still carried out by women and is subject to increasing demands and ever greater pressure to perform. The pandemic has made it even clearer how important the work of our colleagues is and how little it has been appreciated.
Now employers are saying, ´Yes, we see this burden, but what should we do? Every step towards a bigger relief only exacerbates the shortage of skilled workers.´
But in doing so, they would have the chance to really change something.

Dear employers, this is what you can do:
We demand a significant improvement in working conditions, sustainable measures against the shortage of skilled workers and financial recognition of the work.

We demand higher pay scales that reflect the stress and strains of our work and a legal right to paid further training. This has to be possible! We’ve already got a shortage of 173,000 skilled workers in this field. Young people urgently need to be recruited, and the people who already work in the social and educational services deserve recognition.
Because the bottom line is that these colleagues not only enjoy their work, they see it as a vocation and go to their limits every day and long beyond, so that the children have a good time, are educated and encouraged and the parents are content.

Now WE demand relief and for this we go with you on the street.
Thank you and let’s strike together for appreciation, for solidarity and against discrimination in the working world.